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Corie McGowan is an interdisciplinary artist. Primarily working with moving image, as a tool to recreate uncanny fictional narratives i.e from inventing an imaginary healthcare company in Silicare™(2019) to the fetishization of made-up commodity objects in Live 4 Ever Cosmetics(2016).


McGowan is interested in recreating the heightened sense of anxiety which stems from existing in capitalist society. Satirical advertisements are filled with unfulfilled pseudo-science. With an interest in alienation and endorsements of commodified feminine identity through an ironic queer lens.  


Creating a comical display of over-consumption, beauty regimes and a celebration of the over-the-top; an uncanny and amusing ensemble of sumptuous, seductive, and grotesque imagery.


Corie McGowan is originally from Northern Ireland and is currently based in London, United Kingdom. A graduate of the Royal College of Art. McGowan recently has held a solo performance show at The Performance Bar  - WORM (Rotterdam). Previously, works have been screened at international film festivals including the Guadalajara International Film Festival (Mexico) and Rotterdam Film Festival (The Netherlands). While also being a participant in the Cybertwee HQ (USA); a critically acclaimed virtual reality exhibition featured in the Guardian and New York Times. 

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